Yay finished paying for my class.

ballinnnn status now

oh man, here we go again




Scott is the realest nigga alive.



You deserve to remember me for the rest of your life

I hope that one day
when your bride is trudging down the isle,
through your apparent happiness,
I hope you think of me.
I hope you wonder where I am,
and what I’m doing.
I hope you wonder what we’d be doing,
hadn’t you left.

I hope that one day
as you eat cold pizza on a Friday night,
at the end of yet another dull week,
across the table from the same woman
who brings you no inherent happiness or excitement,
you think of me.

I hope that when you’re sitting with your fists balled up,
and you head swirling with the effects of alcohol,
beaten over divorce papers,
you remember me
and wonder where, and how, things went so awfully wrong.

Even when you are on your deathbed,
I hope that you reflect on your life, and remember my iridescence.
I hope you remember my light that shone through the cracks of your gray mind.
But most of all,
I hope you remember how I saw you naked from your pretenses and performances, and I still unconditionally loved you.
And I hope you are truly sorry.

My best writing happens when I’m up past midnight crying (via apointofimmenseirrelevance)


What’s great about you?

Serious question. We all have things about us that are great. Maybe it’s your curiosity, your willingness to try things, your ambition, your delight in a particular field, your attitude, your openness… people don’t hire experience, they hire people.

I’ve hired people….

this is exactly what I have been wanting to hear.